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I have opinions about web application architecture and the Kansas City Royals, but this blog will mostly be about web application architecture. Mostly.

… my Availability

I’m seeking a permanent position with a high degree of responsibility and the opportunity to design technical solutions for challenging and meaningful problems. Then I want to implement those solutions. Most of all I’m seeking a position where I can be a full partner in the enterprise and not just another vendor, be it internal or otherwise. I’d be happy to join a team, but I’d like to work closely with the project stakeholders.

Technically speaking, I’m looking for a job where I can do full stack development with additional duties including business analysis and dev ops.

Until I find that I’m available for freelance work and short projects. I’m especially interested in jobs that will challenge me with unfamiliar technologies, especially but not exclusively, Node.js, React.js, and Web Components. Python and PHP are things I’m curious about as well. Interesting problems or projects benefitting the needy or the public are a good way to get my attention too.

Contact me about opportunities at seth@sethfeldkamp.com.

… my Experience

My work history is up to date on my LinkedIn profile.

A self-assessment of my skills includes experience gained from freelance projects.